Natural Wine Bars of Paris - Ox's honest guide

It is the truth universally acknowledged in my household that Paris is the best city for natural wine escapades. 

Natural wine bars in Paris are in such abundance and of such variety - it brings tears of joy and hope to my eyes. Rejoice natural wine lovers - we are not alone in the world.

Our name is legion and our stronghold is Paris.

Chez Eugene - wine glassesParis, naturally

I’ve visited Paris in all seasons. My favourite is late fall.

Leaves on the trees have turned colour.

Stylish coats are out in full force.

The sky is grey, moody and depressing - it greatly complements the architecture and my general state of mind.

Most importantly - that’s when the local population gets to reclaim the charm of the city from the herds of tourists.

Paris buildingAlways look up when walking the streets of Paris
Paris in a wine glassParis in a wine glass, upside down

Paris is not the type of city that opens up its legs at first acquaintance. It’s kind of like New York.

You need to visit it a couple of times before it gets under your skin.

Pont St Michel at nightPont Saint-Michel
National Archives MuseumNational Archives Museum in le Marais - a gorgeous hidden spot

When I go to Paris, I don’t even bother with the main sights anymore.

It’s about small quartiers, neighbourhood épiceries, hidden courtyards and iconic cafés, cult natural wine bars and eclectic vintage shops.

It’s about being a local for a couple of days.

Paris' natural wine scene is no joke. As it should be.

Majority of natural wine bars and shops are in the east end of Paris. The 11th arrondissement seems to be where they congregate and complement each other.

We like to stay somewhere along the canal St-Martin.

The proximity to all the “it-spots” of the natural wine world allows us to drunkenly stumble back home.

Canal St-Martin at nightCanal St-Martin

If you are by the canal, you are also next door to the third arrondissement - where one finds the best vintage shops in the world

As far as I am concerned, Canal St-Martin is where the world started and where it will end with the natural wine apocalypse.

Seine at night

Deep dive into Parisian natural wine scene