Outeiros Altos - 
Quintessential Portuguese winery in estremoz

View at the winery building at Outeiros Altos in Estremoz PortugalThe bluest blue and the reddest red at Herdade dos Outeiros Altos winery in Estremoz, Portugal

The region around Estremoz in Southern Portugal is known for its wines and marble.

In fact, there is so much marble that even the sidewalks of Estremoz are paved with a rare pink variety.

Marble framed door in Estremoz PortugalA door with a solid pink marble frame
Marble sidewalk in Estremoz PortugalIntricate design on the marble sidewalk

A pretty sight, but I wouldn’t want to walk these streets in the rain.

Not that the rain blesses this area often. Drought is a huge challenge in Alentejo. The Portuguese call Alentejo “the future desert’.

This is the land of muscular and powerful wines that send you into knock out (speaking from personal experience).

Most wineries in the area are larger producers. Not our thing.

But we chanced upon a small winery with a rare combination of heart, know-how and resolve.

Outeiros Altos winery in Estremoz

Winery building and the pool at Outeiros Altos in Estremoz PortugalLook how cute this winery is!

After a fun visit to the Estremoz market and a mind-blowing meal at Casa do Gadanha - we thought we were done. Our senses were exhausted and nothing else could impress our weary hearts.

But Alentejo is a gift that keeps on giving…

A short 5-min drive brought us into a beautiful Serra d’Ossa valley - covered in vines, cork oaks and olive trees.

Valley of Serra d'Ossa and Outeiros Altos wineryValley of Serra d'Ossa and the red soils of Outeiros Altos vineyards

This is home to Herdade dos Outeiros Altos. A family-run winery that specialises in Talha wines made in traditional clay amphorae.

The property is gorgeous - authentically and lovingly restored by a sweet couple. Jorge and Fernanda started out here as young graduates from Douro - resolved to create something special.

Outeiros Altos majestic tree with the view towards the winerySacred guardian of the organic vineyards at Outeiros Altos
Schist and quarts soil at Outeiros Altos vineyards in EstremozBeautiful red soils in the vineyards - schist with quartz
Schist and quartz floor outside of winery building in EstremozLarger pieces found in the vineyard are used as construction material

This is also a family home - it feels cosy and warm.

Every nook and cranny is filled with love and dedication. 

View at the valley and the pool at Outeiros Altos wineryInfinity pool at the Outeiros Altos winery. Look at that view!

Outeiros Altos wines - Alentejo in a bottle

The wines are made in a very honest way:

Indigenous varieties, organic farming, field blending, wild yeast fermentation, no filtration - nothing to hide behind!

Just fermented grape juice - aged in old oak barrels or clay amphorae called Talha.

Talha clay amphoras at Outeiros Altos winery in Estremoz PortugalClay amphora collection at Outeiros Altos
Talha clay amphora with wine at a winery in Estremoz PortugalWine being made in a Talha jar

The family took a long time to search out old traditional Talha clay vessels to use for their production. The art of making these is all but lost. It took numerous visits to old garages and cellars to seek out these relics.

The oldest Talha jar in their possession has a menacing date of birth - 1666. It looks like a witch’s cauldron too. Must have made some mean wine in the past.

Talha clay amphora dated from 1666Talha clay amphora produced in 1666. To the left of the date is the mark of the maker.

The wines at Outeiros Altos are simply exquisite. Carefully crafted, almost chiselled.

None of that clumsy heaviness that is often present in mass-produced Alentejo wines.

Outeiros Altos winery tasting room in Estremoz PortugalTraditional and super cosy tasting room
Wine boxes at Outeiros Altos winery in Estremoz Alentejo Portugal
View from the tasting room towards the pool at Outeiros AltosView from the tasting room towards the pool
Wines at Herdade dos Outeiros Altos wineryA wine tasting accompanied by olives grown on the property and sausages made by the owners.
Rose wine at Outeiros Altos winery in Estremoz PortugalA sumptuous rose that didn't make it home to Canada. We devoured it the same night.
Outeiros Altos red wine - no sulphites addedOuteiros Altos 2021 - organic beauty from Alentejo - Sem Sulfitos!

We loved this red beauty - Outeiros Altos 2021. A field blend of 5 Portuguese varieties. Co-fermented and aged in used oak for 6 months. No sulphur added.

It travelled with us to Canada where I opened it on my birthday in December. A monster wine with explosion of flavours.

We had to chill it a little bit to tame the fire. A true Alentejo beauty!

View at the Outeiros Altos vineyards from the winery

Herdade dos Outeiros Altos

Estremoz, Portugal